Employers, choose the occupation category in which you want to look for workers:
  1. Management occupations
  2. Government and public administration occupations
  3. Professional occupations (Doctors, engineers, architects, etc. Jobs that require at least university degree of some kind)
  4. Occupations in Construction (Trades jobs, civil engineering technicians, installers etc.)
  5. Sales occupations (Sales persons, marketing, customer service, realtors etc.)
  6. Hospitality occupations (Cooks, servers, bartenders, hotel jobs etc.)
  7. Business support occupations (Accountants, HR personnel, project managers, couriers, security guards,marketing, administration etc.)
  8. Financial sector occupations (Bank account managers, tellers, financial planners etc.)
  9. Legal occupations (Legal assistants, notaries, immigration consultants etc.)
  10. Maintenance and repair occupations (Auto-mechanics, HVAC technicians, landscaping jobs, cleaning jobs, home repair etc.)
  11. Health or personal services occupations (Homemakers, nurses, hairdressers, child-care etc.)
  12. Computer and Internet technology occupations (Computer programmers, web designers, network technicians etc.)
  13. Transportation and logistics occupations (Drivers, truck drivers, warehouse jobs, shipping&receiving, dispatchers etc.)
  14. Agriculture and (primary) food production occupations
  15. Manufacturing occupations
  16. Natural resources occupations (Mining, forestry etc.)
  17. Occupations in education and training (Instructors, facilitators etc.)
  18. Sports and entertainment occupations (Coaches, athletes, singers, dancers etc.)
  19. Creative/Artistic occupations (Video editing and production, film-making, graphic design, photographers, writers, translators etc.)
  20. Manual labour occupations
  21. Other occupations (Unclassified elsewhere)
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